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        An IMPORTANT MESSAGE from AKFCF General Counsel Ron Gardner
      In the last 5 days, Congress has taken action that affects your obligations to your employees (the Phase 2 action),
and creates significant economic relief for your business (the Phase 3 action).
      The Phase 2 action, which is now law and becomes effective on April 1st,  is related to things designed to support your       EMPLOYEES.  It concerns things like sick leave, the Family and Medical Leave Act, layoffs, furloughs and unemployment.
To answer your employment law related questions, the AKFCF engaged an employment lawyer to provide you with basic guidance and answers to the many questions you have asked about this law.  While this document is a bit long, it answers all the questions we have been asked so far, and is written in easy to understand language. 
It is labeled as “PHASE 2 INFO AND FAQs”.
The Phase 3 Action has been passed by the Senate, but has NOT YET become law.  However, we have every expectation that it will be law by the end of the day tomorrow.  Accordingly, we wanted to get this summary of what is likely to become law in your hands as quickly as we possibly could.  It is labeled “PHASE 3 SUMMARY.” 
Our expectation is that will be a huge rush to take advantage of this program.  We strongly encourage you to READ THE SUMMARY NOW and be prepared to roll as soon as the President signs the law.
Your AKFCF leadership is working overtime with KFCC, the NCAC, and our vendor partners to ease the financial burden of this pandemic on all of our members. We are EXTREMELY grateful for the hundreds of hours that the GAC committee, and our government relations partner, Dan Gans and Polaris, have devoted to the Phase 3 legislation.  A special thanks as well to Brandon Robertson and Mike Kulp, who both spent countless hours lobbying on your behalf.
We hope you find this material helpful, and we will continue to do out best for you in these trying times.

Important Corona Virus SBA summary to understand how new legislation affects your business.
Section-by-section summary of provisions from the Senate Small Business Committee, Chaired by Sen. Rubio, included in the CARES Act.  Will continue to share more resources as they become available.


Phase 2 Update
Phase 3
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